Dr Tommy Ng, Medical Director at Trinity Medical Clinic (Marine Parade) answers our Qs.


Q Blotchy skin is a common complaint in Singapore. What are the causes?

A Cumulative sun damage causes premature aging and pigment formation. This results in sun and age spots. Some people are genetically predisposed to pigmentation like freckles, while melasma ( “the mask of pregnancy”) is due to hormonal changes. Another unique feature of Asian skin is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation in which the skin darkens after injury from, for example, squeezing an infected pimple or burns from a strong lightening cream.  I encounter these conditions daily in my practice.


Q What are treatment options for someone with hyperpigmentation?

A The most common culprit is hormones. I would need to assess the skin condition and discuss the possible options and outcomes. Using a good sunblock will definitely prevent worsening of the pigmentation. You can use creams – a good start although the results are slow. I usually use Photo-rejuvenation which involves an energy source either from light or laser to fragment the pigment under the skin without burning the outer skin layer. Hence, there is no reddening, pain or downtime. Lightening of the pigment can be noticed within a week but results vary depending on the individual. Consistent use of creams and sunblock will improve the final outcome. The results, though never perfect, are about as good as what medical technology can offer. That’s probably why we get many new patients by way of recommendation.


Q Aesthetic Medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds. How has it affected your treatment of pigmentary disorders?

A When I first started aesthetic practice, treatment options were limited to just creams, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Some lightening could be seen after a few months. Technology has improved tremendously and I have been using a combination of mild burning ablative lasers and non-burning nonablative lasers with much better results.


Q How long does the treatment Photo-rejuvenation take? Is there any downtime?

A I usually start with a Photo-rejuvenation package of five sessions and it is done every 3-4 weeks approximately.  Each treatment takes about 25 minutes. There is usually no downtime , or very minimal.

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