Exilis Elite® Skin Tightening

Exilis Elite® is an award-winning, FDA-approved device that is used to tighten and smoothen loose skin on the face and other areas. It is ideal for both men & women in various age groups, who don’t want to undergo a surgical face lift.

How does Exilis Elite® work?

Exilis Elite® is an elite treatment that utilises both Radiofrequency and Ultrasound to heat the deep layers of the skin, whilst protecting the outer layer. The heat causes the collagen-supporting tissue to remodel, thereby stimulating and strengthening the collagen network to improve skin laxity and texture. Treatments are tolerable, have no healing time and give immediate visible results. Many are surprised at the instant lift that it provides. You are able to resume your normal activities right after. A series of treatments is usually required for optimal results.

Is Exilis Elite® safe?

Exilis Elite® uses a clinically proven and safe treatment technology. There are rarely any side effects however some patients may experience a mild redness that will subside within 1-2 hours after the treatment.

What areas can be treated with Exilis Elite®?


  • Face
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Tummy
  • Back
  • Buttock
  • Legs

How many Exilis Elite® treatments will I need?

It is recommended to have a session every 2-3 week with an average of 5-10 sessions in a treatment program. In selective cases, 2 intensive sessions over a 2-week period may suffice.

How long does each treatment session last?

A full-face treatment takes around 30 minutes.

Are Exilis Elite® treatments painful?

There is a heating sensation during the treatment, which is generally very well tolerated. This is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Is there any post treatment care after an Exilis Elite® treatment?

Generally, no special care is needed after the treatment. It is recommended to increase the application of moisturizing lotions or creams to the treatment area. Use a hydrating mask as often as possible.