Regain and restore a natural fullness and volume to enhance your facial features and creates ideal facial contours to achieve natural-looking and youthful appearance.

What is Fillers?

After puberty, we all transcend differently where some will age faster than others. The aging process causes a downward migration of the facial support tissues, resulting in a loss of volume. A loss of fat contents, reduced collagen production and facial fats will contribute to facial sagging.

The fillers used are made up of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural compound found in our skin. It can be used to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, add volume to sunken areas and create desired facial contours.

Brands of fillers

We carry popular brands of fillers including Juvederm®, Restylane®, Teosyal®, Revanesse® and Ellanse®.

How does it work?

The filler is injected into the skin to fill and plump the specified areas. The doctor will gently shape the fillers to create the desired effect. This facial contouring treatment results in a fuller and more defined facial feature.

The procedure may take 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated. There might be slight swelling, mild discomfort or minor bruising after the treatment. This will resolve within a few days

Areas for treatment:

• Cheeks
• Tear Trough
• Chin
• Temples
• Forehead
• Laugh Lines (Nasolabial Lines)
• Puppet Lines (Marionette Lines)
• Nose
• Lips