Fractional CO2 Laser

For smoother skin texture and smaller pores with minimal downtime

Fractional CO2 laser remains the gold standard for treating uneven skin textures, depressed acne scars, aged skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike traditional resurfacing lasers, Edge Fractional CO2 has enabled treatment of these conditions by reducing downtime to a minimum

What is Edge Fractional CO2

This CO2 Laser treatment solves the problem of traditional Laser treatments by greatly reducing the downtime associated with the treatment. Conventional laser treatments usually caused patients to have redness and scabbing for 1 week. This latest Edge Fractional CO2 Laser gets around this issue by producing very fine beams that cause minimal redness and scabs that are so fine that they are barely noticeable. In fact, what most patients experience is that the skin is just slightly red for less than a day and there are no rough scabs formed. Results can be usually seen after 1 treatment for most patients although for optimal results it would be advisable to undergo a few sessions.

How does Fractional CO2 laser work?

Fractional CO2 laser works by stimulating our body’s natural repair process to rebuild lost collagen in skin. After a session of Fractional CO2 Laser, the skin that is treated gives off cell signals that results in the skin repairing and rebuilding collagen in the area. This entire remodelling process takes place over weeks to a month. The final result is smoother, plumper and more firm skin which looks younger and less scarred.

What is the treatment process like?

Usually numbing cream is applied 30-45 min prior to the treatment. Each treatment of Fractional CO2 Laser takes about 10 minutes, during which our doctor will treat the whole face or part of the face. The Laser works by shining tiny beams of light on the face heating up the dermis layer of the skin. After each treatment, the skin feels slightly red and warm. This will subside usually within a few days.