Picosure Laser

PicoSure laser is a new generation laser that delivers ultrashort laser pulses in picoseconds (10−12) whereas compared to the traditional Q-switched laser, which delivers laser pulses in nanoseconds. It is a 755nm wavelength Alexandrite laser that leverages on picosecond laser technology.

PicoSure is a FDA-cleared  pico laser for the treatment of pigmentary conditions like melasma, Hori’s Macules, and Nevus of Ota.  Comparative studies show that PicoSure is superior to other lasers when it comes to treating melasma and other pigmentary conditions. PicoSure targets a wide range of skin disorder – it removes unwanted pigment in varying skin types, reduces acne inflammation, lightens wrinkles, fine lines, eliminates scars, improves overall skin tone and texture, as well as removes tattoos.

Am I suitable for pico laser?

JuveLook is designed to treat skin problems such as age spot pigmentation ,melasma, acne marks and scars , skin tone, enlarged pores and wrinkles. This makes it suitable for patients across a wide range of ages and skin types. 

How many treatments do I need?

The recommendation is a few sessions with 1 session every 4 weeks to see improvements in your skin. Thereafter, depending on individual skin type and condition , one may opt to do maintenance regime.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is much tolerated with no numbing required. 

Is there any downtime?

No, there is generally no downtime and you can resume normal activities right after the treatment.