What is Pro Yellow Laser treatment?
Pro Yellow laser is a versatile laser using a special wavelength of 577nm for skin rejuvenation that targets deep skin layer treatment, simultaneously addressing both visible lesions and underlying vessels. This also allows for the safer treatment of a wider variety of indications for both light & dark skin types. Yellow laser is safe, painless procedure is effective for treating


  • freckles, age spots, pigmentation and melasma
  • rosacea and flushing of the face
  • discolouration and uneven skin tone from sun exposure and acne marks
  • vascular lesions such as broken veins and capillaries
  • acne outbreaks by reducing inflammation
  • dark eye circle


How long is the duration of treatment?
The entire treatment will take approximately 15-20 mins.

How many treatment sessions will I need?
We recommend a course of 5-10 sessions three weeks apart, for optimal results.

Will I need recovery time after treatment with Pro Yellow Laser?
There is no downtime occurrence with Pro Yellow laser treatment. The skin may appear pinkish for a short while. You may apply makeup and return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment.

Is the treatment painful?
You will feel slight superficial pricks or a tingling sensation, and it is not painful.

What should I do before and after treatment?
Before proceeding with the Pro Yellow Laser skin rejuvenation treatment, patients should avoid excessive sun exposure for a week. The same goes after undergoing the laser treatment.